The Resolution Snag


Ah, the best laid plans.  Well, you wonder why the title of my blog is The Organizer’s Lament?  I am lamenting today. It is almost three weeks into the first month of 2019 and I have royally blown my resolutions!  Now to be fair, I have had pneumonia since January 7th, after returning from a lovely, albeit quick visit to Chicago, and I have been sick as a dog( Why are dogs used for that example, I wonder?) ever since.

Today was the first day that I actually took a shower by myself, left my house, and drove in my car, and went to clients, and functioned(while intermittently hacking and being exhausted, although I am no longer contagious) and ate food that wasn’t broth or tea.  I watched a lot of Netflix over the past 11 days, because frankly, I couldn’t focus my eyes well enough to read a book, a magazine, or my emails, and I really didn’t care. I didn’t work out so that resolution was put on hold. I didn’t Marie Kondo my own closets, so I didn’t get bags ready to give to the charities I had in mind for the beginning of the year.  I didn’t go into my office so I didn’t look at my mail, so I didn’t do any end of year filing until yesterday when I felt like I had enough energy to spend a little bit of time and then again today but I can’t make myself insane because I still get tired after about two hours so it’s going to be a few more days before I have to sit down and work on expenses for taxes.

My hair looks like a mop, my nails are all different shapes and lengths, my skin and lips are chapped and broken out, I haven’t made my appointments for the eye doctor, the gyno, the dentist, or set up my glassblowing classes yet, and in fact because I have been sick all of the intro classes are full so I just have to sign up for the beginners classes and take a leap of faith.  I have only two weeks to read my book group book( and I am a slow reader), and I have a small pile of paper on my office floor that I have to clean up and deal with over the next few days, and I hope that there are no bills that are overdue. But, on the positive side…

I lost seven pounds because I couldn’t eat.  I wouldn’t recommend this as a diet but I lost my taste for carbs and sweets and most red meat.  Go figure. I didn’t spend money, except for a few small things, including a new car battery, which I discovered I needed this morning when I tried to start my car to no avail.  I signed myself up for one flower arranging class for next week, because my glass blowing intro class wasn’t available and I thought, why not? I set up more advertising updates for my business this afternoon when I returned from a client so that I was up to date for the next six months, because that was the only productive thing I could still do at the end of the first workday.  I updated both my desk calendar( which I have mentioned before, which is the size of a wall, but which serves me very well because I can see everything that takes place both professionally and personally) and my filofax( yes I am an old school kinda gal, and there is no right or wrong kind of calendar….just keep one!) and I paid any and all bills both online and paper. And finally, after getting my 2018 tax folder started, I started laundry, and stripped my daughter’s bed, since she just went back to school this morning.  I am obviously feeling better. Not perfect, but better.

So I’m getting a bit of a late start on the resolutions, and I revised the list somewhat.  But I refuse to beat myself up. I fell off the horse, the wagon, the block, whatever. I’m just going to get back on.  And that is my point. My January looked so promising. I had a list of resolutions that weren’t ridiculous but were doable and I couldn’t keep on them, for no fault but the stars.  I wasn’t happy about it but what was I supposed to do? There are a myriad of reasons why we get sidetracked, and yes it can be our fault, or it can be because of something or things beyond our control.  So be it. That saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life,” may make you want to gag or punch me, but IT IS TRUE. Call or text or email me if you need to commiserate or need any kind of help with those resolutions, to define or refine them in any way.  We still have 11 months and 14 days. Stay warm.

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